Tuesday, October 20, 2009

IF sketches - frozen

Some ideas... the top one is supposed to be a representation of writer's block. Feedback and suggestions welcome! I'll do finishes in color.


  1. ooooh, they are all so much fun! I love the stage one! The popsicle girl is so cute, too! The "writer's block" is very clever. Love to see them in color, too! FUN!

  2. I agree with doodlegirl. These are very clever and all have potential. The frog with his tongue stuck on the pole is funny! Is the king magically melting the frozen-in-mid-air dog or is he freezing him? Very cool stuff here!

  3. Thanks for the comments, girlfriends!

    AM, the king is supposedly freezing the dog but the shadow beneath it does look like a puddle.

    My crit group thought the frog was Bart Simpson so I need to make it look less like him! =)


Thanks for your feedback!