Monday, September 24, 2012

Sweet Square #1

Hello Friends,

Fall - a new school year for the kiddos, so I feel like I should be productive.

So here's my "Sweet Square" for today. It is a 30-day challenge inspired by Ann Marie, who was inspired by Diandra Mae.

I wanted to try DoInk for a while but found out that they shut down their web app last week =(. Very sad but understandable, since they are directing their energy toward mobile apps.

I searched for a way to make a flip book and found this: The flipbook can be exported to a PDF for printing and making into a paper book! Very neet. They also have other fun toys on their site.

So here's my very rusty animation-try. My wrist is a little sore from piano so I didn't tinker too much. I think the blinking eyes are convincing

Thanks for visiting!