Monday, September 21, 2009

IF - Infinite/Character sketch day 5

Isn't Photoshop great? This was just a fun concept. I had a few different ideas for the IlloFriday topic but since this one involved a squirrel I liked it the best.


  1. Did you copy de frame infinite times?
    Nice vision, poor squirrel.

  2. Thanks!

    In PS, I selected the area inside the mirror and deleted it to form a "window".

    *Then I duplicated the layer and used Transform to scale it to fit inside the window. If the smaller image was on top, I moved its layer underneath.

    I duplicated the uppermost layer (again) and turned its visibility off. Next, I merged the visible layers and turned the uppermost layer back 'on'. I used Transform again to scale the merged layers.*

    Repeat from * to * 'ad infinitum'! Trust me, it is easier than it looks and sounds!


  3. Great one, Jen!!! This would be great in color, too. Hey, only two more to go. :)

  4. Good thing you merged the layers, or it would take infinite hard drives to contain it


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