Friday, July 31, 2009

Week...2??: some more sketches

Hi guys,

These sketches are inspired by our trip to see "Seussical" with some friends at a lovely theatre in the round. The theatre allowed us to keep the toddlers in their strollers which was great!

Afterwards we were picnicking outside and the older girls peeked inside one of the windows into what turned out to be the costume storage area!

I'm bummed that I've been unable to do finishes... I guess I'll have to apply for an extension! We were getting ready to go camping for a week and then the baby came down with a cold, which triggered some asthma... so that's on hold too. Oy!


  1. These are really sweet! I love that you told the story going on with the images and that it was inspired by real life.

    Hang in there! This is not an easy challenge, especially with little ones.

    Hope baby is better soon!

  2. How did you like Seussical? We went to see this at our local theatre in the round 2 summers ago. Good for you for taking your kids to live theatre!!!

    Have fun camping!


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