Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A scene I hope to see this summer when we all go camping on Campobello Island, NB.

AND this is sketch #21 which means...I actually finished something I started!! Thanks so much for cheering me on guys, especially Ann Marie!!


  1. sorry, I am late in viewing your 21 days illustration!

    Good Job Jen!
    Keep posting, and this excesive can sure make you wanna to draw and inspired!
    Another section of 21 days, perhapes?

  2. Yay, Jenn, you did it!!! This makes a nice little ending. It looks like they are waving goodbye!

    Ok, I hope you still like me after this: are you ready for the next challenge? :)

  3. Hey there. I'm catching up on your latest sketches. Adorable! I love these images and the joy captured in each one. Really great job. Congrats on finishing. Yahoooooo!


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